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3, october 2000
Maill Issues Fixed
You can now mail me again at [email protected].
[author: phobos]

3, october 2000
SecretNet Computer systems
SecretNet Computer Systems has been added to the vendors page. SecretNet sells AMD Athlon systems pre-installed with SuSE or Slackware in Sydney Australia.
[author: phobos]

3, october 2000
Updated Athlon Tech Documents
I was over at amdzone and saw this news post:

AMD has updated their technical documentation page for the AMD Athlon processor. New in this round of documentation is information on the Windows 2000 AGP registry fix, information on a new Thunderbird stepping (B0, CPUID 643), and also a new edition of the Optimization Manual.

New edition of the optimization manual for those looking towards helping AthlonGCC! I am still looking for people to head the project btw...
[author: phobos]

27, september 2000
Mail Issues
My mail server(a box on my network and not isp), has been acting up, and is not relaying mail properly. So if anyone has tried to send me mail in the last 24 hours, I won't recieve that mail. Mail me at [email protected], yes phabos :-). If you have sent a mail in the last 24 hours, send it again at that address.
[author: Phobos]

25, september 2000
AthlonGCC Confusion and Stuff...
There have been a lot of questions about AthlonGCC and Kims patch called AthonPGCC. These are two different projects. AthlonPGCC will be the basis of the new AthlonGCC patch. AthlonGCC will not require pgcc patched first and will eventually be the end result of efforts of people around the world.
Speaking of AthlonGCC I am still looking for developers to help contribute with code and sourceforge administration. Kimura has chosen not to be the head of the project, but just be an advisor of sorts. If I havn't replied anyones request to help the project, please drop me a line.
[author: phobos]

25, september 2000
Atipa Linux Solutions
Atipa Linux Solutions was one of the first dedicated Linux companies to provide AMD Athlon solutions. Currently, one of their best-selling products is our Triumph 4000 series workstations, which feature the AMD Athlon Slot-A processor, soon to be moving to a Duron/Thunderbird Socket-A product. They are now included on the vendors page.
[author: phobos]

25, september 2000
Site Stuff.
I apologize for my lack of updates, but I have been so busy in the last week with school and work that I barely got the chance to touch my computer. Anyway, the broken links on the AGCC Install page have been repaired. I have been talking to my server admin about setting up a system where I can make ftp and mail accounts on the fly, so new people can get setup very quickly. I now have a lot of AthlonLinux mail to sort out, so if you have sent me a mail about helping and I havn't replied, don't worry, I will get to you. :-). I promise to do my best to keep the page updated every 2-3 days from now on, so keep your eyes open.
[author: Phobos]

12, september 2000
Vendors who sell Athlon Linux Systems
Gene Mosher has compiled a list of hardware vendors who provide Linux preinstalled on Amd Athlon systems. Check out the page in the information section.
[author: phobos]

12, september 2000
Programmers wanted for AthlonGCC
The Athlon Linux Project and Kim, the creator of the original patch to PentiumGCC that creates athlon optimized binaries is looking for a few good men to help make AthlonGCC even better then it is now. We are looking for people to work on:

  • Code scheduling, perticularly integer code(VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • Modifing flow analyzer and scheduler(or even start developing a new scheduler!)
  • MMX/3DNow! optimization
If you have experience with gcc programming or willing to learn, check out the Athlon Papers page in the AthlonGCC section and see if you are up to contributing to the AthlonGCC project.
[author: phobos]

12, september 2000
Slackware A.E. Delayed
I know I said I would have Slackware AE(Athlon Edition for the lack of a better name) ready and available by this past weekend, but a few, actually many things got in the way and I was unable to complete all of the packages. Perhaps I should start releasing packages series by series, I have the aaa series(base packages for all the non-slackers) pretty much completed.
[author: phobos]

6, september 2000
News Bits
This site needs to be updated far more often, don't you think? I'm still looking for people to help! Anyway I have been working more on the site, expect a really kewl dynamic site in PHP soon. I have also been working on the first AthlonLinux distribution, it will be based on slackware, in fact it will be EXACTLY like the slackware 7.1 distro with one exception, all the packages are Athlon/Duron optimized! I have been compiling all the software one by one using slackwares intuitive slackbuild scripts, I hope to have it up by this weekend. Also expect the beginings of Gene's vendors page soon.
[author: phobos]

3, september 2000
AthlonLinux Welcomes Gene Mosher
Gene Mosher has joined The AthlonLinux Project to further our effort to to make the center for Linux on Amd Athlons. Gene will be working on a new section that lists vendors such as ASL who provide Linux Athlon systems. Gene's contact information will be available on the contacts page shortly.
[author: phobos]

2, september 2000
If you want to contribute...
Just drop me a line at [email protected] with all the information requred on the contribute page. The sys admin that is hosting this site wants to check out and/or modify the FormMail perl script before using it. It should be fixed this weekend.
[author: Phobos]

2, september 2000
The AthlonLinux Project Opens
Welcome to The AthlonLinux Project. This project was started with the goal to inform Linux users on how to create Amd Athlon/Duron optimized Linux binaries. This goal to inform users was not enough, but the project goal expanded to also actively help users create binaries optimized for the Amd Athlon/Duron processors, and thus the AthlonGCC subproject was born. AthlonGCC is a patch to GCC that creates Athlon optimized binaries. Browse the site to find:

  • Compiler flags to create Athlon optimized binaries.
  • A patch to GCC to create even more Athlon optimized binaries.
  • Tons and tons of information.
  • Pre-Athlon-optimized Linux distributions.
  • Mailing lists.
  • Forums.
  • And More!

The majority of the website is completed, however a few sections are not. The AthlonLinux Project is looking for a few good people to help out. We are looking for programmers to help the AthlonGCC project move foward, we were also looking for people to help the website (moderating forums, managing links, working on FAQs, writing documentaion, translating pages and more), help create benchmarks and help create Athlon optimized distribution packages. If you want to help head over to out contribute page asap!
[author: Phobos]

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